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August 5-7, Lister Centre  - University of Alberta



Empowering Precarious Academic Workers in Perilous Times

Thank you for Attending COCAL XII

COCAL XII Google Site: https://sites.google.com/site/cocalxii/

Next Conference: COCAL XII, August 3-5, San Jose, California - http://cocalinternational.org/


Thank you to the 135 delegates and numerous presenters that were able to attend COCAL XII August 5-7, at the University of Alberta. It was an amazing event with inspiring speakers and animated and intelligent conversation geared towards improving the work conditions for precarious academic workers across North America.


Please keep checking back here for a full report and be sure to share your notes and resources via the Google site listed above. Anyone can add notes or resources to the Google Docs that are linked into the site. Presenters can email presentations to cupe3911@gmail.com and we will post them for you.


The Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL) is a network of North American activists working to improve higher education by improving the work environment of contingent academic laborers. They strive to achieve job reliability, better wages, academic freedom, and time and resources for academic research and professional development. COCAL describes itself as "dedicated to alerting the broader community about the trends that undermine the tenets of higher education by staging media events, improving legislation concerning higher education and so-called accountability efforts, and identifying colleagues at institutions and assisting them in forming collective bargaining units and negotiating strong contracts."





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