Your Health Care Benefits Update


Health care benefits for CUPE members were last changed in the Collective Agreement ratified by its membership in June 2013.  Particulars of these benefits are contained in Article 35 (Health Benefits Plan) and Schedule "B" (Health Care Benefits) of the Collective Agreement.  The Joint Benefits Committee maintains the health benefits program with co-chairs from each party, with equal membership representation from CUPE employees and the Board.


The Board has agreed to provide and maintain the following coverage to the maximum levels as set out in Schedule “B”.


Extended Health Care Coverage

The plan includes out-of-province and out-of-country coverage, private hospital room, special treatment, prescription coverage (Direct Pay Plan; Least Cost Alternative policy; $6 dispensing fee cap).


Paramedical Services                           Limits

Chiropodist/Podiatrist         Annual maximum of $500 per participant each Benefit Year

Chiropractor                        Annual maximum of $500 per participant each Benefit Year

Massage Therapy            *  Annual maximum of $500 per participant each Benefit Year

Naturopath                          Annual maximum of $500 per participant each Benefit Year

Osteopath                           Annual maximum of $500 per participant each Benefit Year

Acupuncturist                     Annual maximum of $500 per participant each Benefit Year

Physiotherapist                    Included

Registered Psychologist/

Clinical Psychiatrist/

Master of Social Work      Annual combined maximum of $750 per participant each Benefit Year

Speech Language

Pathologist                     * Annual maximum of $500 per participant each Benefit Year


* NOTE: Benefit must be purchased upon written order of Health Care Professional


Dental Care Coverage


Dental Services                                    Limits

Basic Dental                      100% coverage

Annual Maximum for

Basic & Major Dental        $2,000 per insured individual

Major Dental                      80% coverage

Orthodontia                        50% coverage

Lifetime Orthodontic

Maximum                           $3,000 per insured child (ages 6-21 only)


Vision Care Coverage

The plan will provide a payment of five hundred dollars ($500) every two years toward the cost of lenses and/or frames for all eligible employees, spouses and dependents.


Out-of-province and Out-of-country Travel Coverage

Travel coverage is limited to 90 days per trip.


Group Life Insurance and Spousal dependent life insurance

Provisions are set out by the group benefits provider.



Eligibility is confined to permanent CUPE employees.


Enrolment in benefits is mandatory. However, employees may opt out of a particular benefit, with the exception of Group Life Insurance, only if they have spousal coverage or comparable coverage elsewhere.


Benefit eligibility has been extended to those employees 70 years of age or more to the extent to which such coverage is currently available through the benefit carrier.


Premium Costs 

The Board funds 50% of premium costs with the CUPE member funding the remainder. However, spousal dependent life insurance is covered at 100% by the employer.


Contribution rates as of January 1, 2008, shall remain in effect for CUPE members enrolled in the benefits plan as of January 1, 2008 and whose employee contribution rate is less than 50%.


The board deducts each member’s premium costs from the employee's monthly earnings.


An employee on a leave of absence without pay for more than three months may elect to remain a member of employee benefit programs provided that the employee bears the full cost of such participation and the employee’s participation is limited to the terms of the current benefit contracts.


The employer and the union will abide by the agreed to provisions set out by the group benefits

provider(s). The Joint Benefits Committee will maintain the health benefits program.



All changes to the Group Health Benefits would be on a go forward basis with no retroactivity.

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