2016 CUPE 3911 Academic Instructor Conference and Annual General Election – November 5th

September 20, 2016


For over 30 years, CUPE tutors, academic experts, markers and lab instructors have gathered for an Annual Conference and CUPE Annual General Meeting. And there is absolutely no registration fee. This is a great way to break away from the isolation of distance education and meet with your peers. The conference provides a change to engage in discussions about ongoing changes in teaching at Athabasca University; issues and challenges facing you and your local; and the work that the Executive is doing on your behalf.


Our Annual General Meeting will take place on the same day to ensure that members are able to fully engage in making decisions about their union. Here you will have a chance to review and query the Executive and Committees that work on your behalf. You may even decide it is time for your voice to be heard more fully and stand for election on the Executive or one of the many committees. We need your energy and your perspective so consider a commitment to serve this year. The conference offers you a chance to speak to individual Executive and Committee Members about the nature of the role, the time commitment, and support for your nomination. Consider making a difference this year by becoming active in your union local.


Advance registration is now open for the Conference, which will take place November 5th, in Edmonton, at Chateau Nova, Kingsway. You will be reimbursed for travel and accommodation and will also receive a $100.00 participation stipend from Athabasca University. For registration and updated information on the conference, please visit our website www.cupe3911.com. You can advance register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScWsv1JwD9-CIVsCkymxSF0NhcPBdhrSwKOAd0LRidZR2zJfw/viewform


CUPE Local 3911 Call for Nominations for 2016 Executive Elections


Elections to the CUPE 3911 Executive Committee will be held on Saturday, November 5th at the Annual General Meeting. We hope that all members who attend the Academic Instructor Conference will attend the AGM.


In the interests of an open, democratic election, we will be giving regular updates of declared candidates and the positions for which they are willing to stand. Therefore, we are asking that any member who is willing to stand as a candidate for any position declare herself/himself as early as possible, by email message to cupe3911@gmail.com. Please note that:


  • Declaration as a candidate is not, in itself, sufficient for inclusion in the election. Each candidate must be nominated by one person who is present at the election meeting, in order to be included in the election.


  • Nor is advance declaration as a candidate NECESSARY for inclusion in the election. Although we are encouraging advance declaration, any eligible member who is properly nominated at the election meeting will be included in the election.


  • If candidates cannot themselves be personally present at the election meeting, they must have provided advance "acceptance" of nomination in order to be included in the election. Declaration of willingness to stand by email message to cupe3911@gmail.com would be sufficient for this.


  • If more than one member is standing for the same position, a vote will be called among the members present.


The positions that will be elected on November 5th are:



1. Co-Chair (2 for two-year term)

2. Treasurer (one-year remainder of term)

3. Grievance Officer (one-year term)    

4. Communications Officer (one-year term)

5. Membership Officer (one-year term)

6. Representative Officers (up to 8 for one-year term)

7. Trustee (1 for three-year term)



1. Human Resources Committee (1 Chair and up to 2 members)

2. Bryon Paege Memorial Award Committee (2 or more)

3. Grievance Committee (4 or more)

4. Health and Safety Committee (2)

5. Bylaw Committee (1 Chair and up to 5 members)



1. Professional Development Committee representatives (1 for two-year term)

2. [Harassment] Complaint Review Committee (1 rep. and 1 alt. for one-year term)

3. Labour Management Committee representatives (2 for one-year term)

4. Occupational Health and Safety Committee representatives (2 for one-year term)




2. Bargaining Committee (up to 10)

2. Strategic Budget Committee (1)

3. Health Benefits Committee (2)

4. PATME (President’s Award for Tutor/Mentoring Excellence) (1)

5. Conference Planning Committee


You can view details of who has put their name forward or allowed their name to stand for various positions at our website – Here.

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