CUPE3911 Professional Development Fund – Be sure to Apply!

September 20, 2016

We have some money to give out but not too much so….


Each fiscal year we have $40,000 to spend to fund our members’ professional development.  The details of who can apply, how and for what are available under the tutor tab on your MyAU page.  We receive applications on a quarterly basis (next is October) and try to let people know within two to three weeks of getting the applications that are collected by AU’s HR department (they provide details about workloads). 


The Committee has to be mindful that each of the past two years we have not had enough money to fully fund all the applications received and that there is an additional quarter beyond the October quarter.  Therefore, we have to be very prudent but want very much to encourage members to apply to use your benefit.


The PD Fund Committee is composed of four of your colleagues from our local and two are elected at each AGM.  Please think about offering your name in nomination for the Committee at the next AGM (November).

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