Overpaying for your AU phone? Learn how to claim for expenses above your monthly phone allowance



Have your AU telephone expenses surpassed the current subsidy amount of $35/month? Most phone provider costs now exceed this amount and we are in discussions with AU about increasing the current allowance or considering other options, since land lines seem to be fairly underused by our members.


If you are paying beyond the $35/month for your AU phone, please note the following policy that we have become aware of that will allow you to claim for additional phone costs:

Tutor Travel and Expense Claim Procedure, #3.


"If a tutor incurs telephone rental or internet services that exceed the stated allowances, an additional allowance request may be submitted to Financial Services via the online Travel and Expense module every six months (by January 31 for July to December of the previous year, and by July 31 for January to June of the same year) as an expense claim.


The additional allowance request must be supported with all original receipts. Extra services, such as multiple e-mail addresses and domain name registration, will not be reimbursed."


View the policy Here - http://ous.athabascau.ca/policy/finance/tutortravelexpenseclaim_pro.pdf


Note: This is an expense that is claimed through AU and you must contact AU Financial Services if you require more information on how to submit a claim. We will keep you posted on any changes to the allowance and the policy.


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