International Women's Day March - Get involved!

February 28, 2017


International Woman's Day, celebrated worldwide on March 8, is an occasion for everyone to reaffirm the necessity to bring about the profound changes required to create a world in which women's rights are recognized. Women's rights entail far more than just equal civil rights at a time even these are given perfunctory standing and they are not even recognized in far too many countries. Besides recognizing women's civil rights, women must be provided with everything they require to participate in all aspects of life on an equal basis. Women's rights must be provided with the economic, social, cultural and political conditions women and children and all members of society require to flourish. Their rights require constitutional guarantees together with enabling legislation and conditions, so that the equality of women becomes a reality and their emancipation becomes the true mark of a progressive society.


International Women’s Day Rally and March


Sunday, March 5, 2017


1:00 PM:  Gather at Winston Churchill Square, downtown Edmonton.


2:30 PM: Cultural Forum in the City Hall Foyer


Now is the time!  We rely on ourselves to struggle together for a new society

Educate, Organize, Mobilize!


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