Viewing your Personal PD Balance

November 17, 2017


At our Annual General Meeting on October 28, the last session was very kindly provided by Patricia Ozero, Coordinator of Payment Services at Athabasca University.  The session was included because a number of our members have been having difficulties doing something that should be very simple and straightforward, namely, viewing the amount of money currently in their Professional Development Account.  Patricia also provided some help regarding filing an expense claim.


Most people’s conception of a simple and straightforward way to view their PD balance would be a button labelled “View Your PD Balance” which you click on in order to reveal the required information.  However, as many have found, the AU “self-service” (Banner) process for breaking through the many electronic layers to this simple piece of information is long and convoluted and usually requires help from a friendly administrator or tech person.  This is not the best situation; it would be good if we could all find it ourselves without too much trouble.


The following URL may prove helpful.  It even has graphics (screen shots), which I certainly appreciate.  At the same time, the description of the process is 13 pages long, which seems rather an excessive amount of instruction for something so simple.  After all, add another 369 pages and you’ll have the instruction manual for operating a Boeing 747-400.  (And, yes, pilots still do “fly” airplanes as much or more as they ever have — just in a slightly different way.) 


In any case, here is the aforesaid URL, courtesy of one of our members.  Please give it a try and then let your Executive know if the given instructions are clear, helpful, or still far too complex.  If the latter, we will try to move forward on some kind of more simplified version.

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