Consider Joining the CUPE 3911 Executive Team: Grievance Officer Position Available

December 12, 2017


CUPE 3911 is currently looking for an individual to put his or her name forward for the vacant position of Grievance Officer. This is an important position on our Executive and is a great opportunity for someone to give back to their peers by assisting them with grievance or labour issues.


Though no previous experience is necessary, interested individuals should have an interest in learning about our collective agreement and the grievance procedure. CUPE offers excellent training (view upcoming courses here) and the support of a National Representative to give advice and assist with representing our members. Our local also has an Administrator and a Grievance Committee to work with the Grievance Officer so that who ever takes on the role has the resources and people needed to assist our members. 


If you are interested in learning more or in putting your name forward, please email our Administrator, Kristy Burke, at


Our bylaws currently outline the duties of Grievance Officer and Grievance Committee as below:


The “Grievance Officer” shall:

  • Advise concerned Members of the rights and procedures available to them under the terms of the Collective Agreement and these bylaws and the National Constitution;

  • Investigate and attempt to resolve problems outside of the grievance procedure of the Collective Agreement;

  • Assist Members to file and pursue grievances not settled in the initial stage, pursuant to the Collective Agreement.  Grievances must be in writing on the forms provided by the National Office and be signed by the complainant or complainants, as provided for in the Collective Agreement;

  • Maintain adequate records of investigations and grievances in the Local office or other safe place;

  • Report and make recommendations to the general membership meeting on all active investigations and grievances, with a copy to the CUPE Representative, and make recommendations on union or policy grievances;

  • In any case in which the grievance procedure provided in the Collective Agreement is exhausted without satisfactory result, refer, the case to the Members at a general membership meeting for decision on the next step, by way of a report with a recommendation;

  • Respect the confidentiality of grievance material at all times, and ensure confidentiality on the part of all other parties;

  • On termination of office, surrender all books, seals, and other properties of the Local.


Grievance Committee


This committee will:


  • Oversee the handling of all local grievances.

  • Receive copies of all grievances.

  • Prepare a report on the status of all grievances to be submitted to the Executive Board, the CUPE Representative, and to the membership meeting.

  • Will decide whether or not the grievance should proceed to arbitration. When a grievance is not settled in the initial steps provided for in the collective agreement, if the decision is not to proceed, the grievor(s) may appeal the decision to the Executive Board.










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