Why a Wellness Committee?


If and how satisfied you are with your work conditions is important to your colleagues who serve on the Executive.  We believe our members could be better served than they currently are in this regard and want to do something about it.  A broad definition of job satisfaction includes how the employer (usually through one or more supervisors) treats you, whether you are aware that you could and how you could get resources that would help you be more satisfied with your work, whether situations or circumstances exist that your Executive should know about so we can advocate for you, etc. 


Recently four of your colleagues, the CUPE 3911 Wellness Committee, sent you a questionnaire asking about circumstances/conditions likely to influence your state of mental and physical health. 


The Wellness Committee plans to inform the employer and/or the union to provide services and/or resources likely to improve your health and satisfaction with your work life.  The analyses of the data you contributed (survey is now closed) will inform the Committee’s efforts but the following are examples of the activities we imagine the data will support:


  • Telling members of the existence of AU potential supports not currently well known to members and informing AU about members’ lack of awareness of existing supports

  • Offering a variety of resources such as forums or other communication channels that can help to meet needs of members for support from colleagues on issues of bullying, isolation, employer expectations, etc.

  • Providing members with information that might result in health promoting actions (both physical and psychological)

  • Informing the local about members’ needs so they can be included in bargaining strategies


The Wellness Committee consists of Fiona M, Natalie S, with Glynnis and Mark as co-chairs.

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