Bargaining is Almost Done!



Your dedicated bargaining team, led by our very capable CUPE National representative Jennifer Chretien, has pretty much finished negotiating the new contract. We completed bargaining on all the non-compensable (non-money) items in March, including two items which took quite awhile to work out. While collective bargaining always involves give and take we are quite confident we avoided making any serious concessions to the employer.


Once the non-compensable items were settled and signed off by both sides, what remained were the compensable (money) related items. These items included earnings, vacations and leave, expenses, professional development, and benefits. We met with the representatives of the AU administration on March 22 with the goal of totally wrapping up the bargaining on the compensable items.  We were almost successful; just a few minor details needed to be straightened out before we could officially sign off on the agreement. 


We then met again on April 16 to complete the signing of the necessary documents. Now there is just one minor hold-up which will be signed off on April 27th.  Once the formalities have been completed, the proposed new contract will of course be put to a vote by all the members of CUPE 3911.  You will receive a notification of the new contract proposal that highlights the changes from the previous one and a vote will then be held.  The new contract is retroactive to the date on which the old contract ended, which is June, 2016. That was not a given but we bargained for it successfully. 


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