Hiring in the Rarefied Atmosphere of Upper Administration



Since the new AU president Neil Fassina took charge in October 2016, there have been a number of new hires at the upper administration level, as well as some replacement hires.  As the university is constantly referencing the condition of the university’s finances, in particular, beginning from the previous president’s highly questionable claim that the university was in dire financial danger, we think it prudent to try to keep track of large expenditures. 


Certainly, there is a need to hire required staff and to hire the best people possible when doing so.  However, we would like to point out that the argument for spending enough money to hire the “best administrators” also applies to spending enough to hire the best people to teach, support, and do research, that is, to hire the best people who produce all the added value at the university. It is very illogical to justify high salaries for upper administration while at the same time implying that those who work in the trenches should be satisfied with whatever they get.


For the information of our members, we are compiling a list of significant upper administration hires to date, along with their salaries, where available.  We will be publishing the results of our information-gathering in some future issue.  Note that our inquiry may necessitate getting information from AU information the 2018 “Sunshine List” which will likely not be available until June 30th.

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