Members Participate in May Day Celebrations



On Tuesday, May 1, members of CUPE 3911 joined proudly in Edmonton’s annual march and rally for May Day.  May Day is an official national holiday in over 80 countries and is celebrated unofficially in many other countries.  In Edmonton, people from many different labour groups and social justice organizations participated in the celebrations, with their banners, signs and flags.  They joined the millions of workers around the world marching in defence of workers’ rights and the rights of all.  It was a great opportunity to celebrate with our working sisters and brothers!


The Edmonton May Day Organizing Committee did CUPE 3911 co-chairs Glynnis Lieb and Dougal MacDonald the great honour of asking them to carry one of the lead banners, “Defend the Rights of Workers, Defend the Rights of All”, during the march on 124th street.  Being good at multitasking, Glynnis also carried an Alberta Federation of Labour flag while Dougal also carried a CUPE 3911 flag, which Glynnis’ son Aman also carried for awhile.  After the march, participants gathered at the Ironworkers Local Union Hall for food and discussion.


The enthusiastic celebration of May Day by workers across Canada and all over the world is a longstanding tradition. On May Day, workers everywhere come together to denounce the state of affairs where the rich can become richer at their expense and to salute all peoples bravely fighting those who bomb, occupy, and pillage their countries, and to pledge to turn things around in favour of the people.  Celebrating May Day by rallying together is an excellent way to remind ourselves that the working class must resist the anti-social offensive of those in power.


Working people also need to come forward to strengthen the people's anti-war opposition. The danger of more wars and of world war is increasing as the use of force in international affairs and diplomacy is becoming routine. We must not allow pro-war parties to dominate our public discourse and institutions and to subjugate Canada to U.S. war plans. Everyone should work tirelessly to establish an anti-war government.  May Day demonstrates that together we can and must fight for the rights of all!

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