Members Ratify New CUPE 3911 Contract


As everyone knows, we have finally finished negotiating the new CUPE 3911 contract with Athabasca University.  Information about the proposed new contract was mailed out to all our members so it could be voted on. Included in everyone’s mail package was a notification of the new contract proposal that highlighted the changes/gains from the previous contract as well as an official ballot.  The deadline for returning marked ballots was June 14. 


All of the returned ballots were counted by members of the bargaining committee on June 18 and we are happy to announce that the new contract was ratified by a substantial majority.  A copy of the entire new contract will soon be posted on the CUPE 3911 website. We suggest you look through it and become familiar with what’s in it (Note: We wish our employer would do the same lol.)  Also, please note that we always welcome input from our members as to what they want us to fight for in the next round so once you’ve had a look, please send any suggestions to your 3911 administrator.


The new contract dates back to July 2016 and will be in effect until July 1, 2019.  At that time, we will likely be back to bargaining once again.  We do realize that it is frustrating for the members for the negotiations to drag on and on instead of being completed in a timely way but the obstructions are due to the administration rather than your representatives.  In fact, we would like to settle matters quickly and we always try as best we can to expedite matters on your behalf.  We don’t like endless meetings any more than anyone else does!


One of the most exciting developments related to our new contract is that we now have the opportunity to officially include our 50 out-of-province tutors and AEs.  Members are no doubt aware, however, that this attempt to organize was temporarily blocked by the interference of AUFA, the AU faculty association (also see below).  Once the legal obstacles have been cleared out of the way, however, we will be able to complete this important task which will result in having all the tutors and AEs in the same union local. 


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